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Bringing Safe Activities to the Youth of Sarasota County

TheLookup941.org is the result of a strong commitment from the Board of Sarasota County Commissioners and the Human Services Council (HSAC) for positive youth development. Many youth and parents don't know about the out of school time activities currently offered across the county. This led to the recommendation to identify providers of these activities for school aged youth and catalogue the programs available through use of a website.

  • Our goal of the web site will be to provide information on all activities available to youth in Sarasota County during non-school hours.
  • The site includes activities that are added and maintained by the agencies and organizations that host them.
  • High School aged youth were hired and trained as "youth mappers" to gather data on the activities available through a variety of research methods.

Are you an individual, business, or non-profit organization that offers positive activities for Sarasota County youth? It's easy to include your events in TheLookup941; to start just contact us and check off the option to become a member. Once you're approved an account will be created for you to login and add your events.

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